Taco Mamacita Women


The SCV Women's Cycling Team aims to empower women cyclists to develop their abilities. So if you’re interested in competing primarily in road bike racing or simply want a group of like-minded women to ride your bike with, we’d like you to join us.

Cycling Club: Riding a bike is better together. So we welcome all women cyclists at any level to join our cycling club. Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or a competitive triathlete or road racer, there’s a place for you here. Simply join the club and you'll soon be welcomed into our club group page on Facebook.

Race Team: Having a team to race with on the road can make a huge difference for many racers. Our race team is supported by Echelon Cycling and Performance Services so each team event has a plan customized tailored to racers toeing the line. This allows the team to learn, grow, and succeed together. If you want to join our race team, sign up for the SCV club above and let us know you're interested.